Boys Field: Tryouts and Recruitment

Becoming An Evolve Player

  1. Click on the GET RECRUITED TO EVOLVE ELITE tab below – tell us about yourself and we will have one of our staff scout your games.
  2. Scouting – we often attend OMFLL and OLA games and will actively recruit players to the program.
  3. Tryouts – we run early spring and late summer tryouts. Players can register and will be evaluated by our coaches. Successful athletes will be notified and offered a position

*Important piece of information for athletes and families.  In Canada we often link success with playing “up” in lacrosse or in hockey you play in with athletes in your year of birth.  The USA structure for lacrosse is much different.  They are very focused on the recruiting class and it is paramount that athletes play in their appropriate recruiting age bracket that aligns with NCAA recruiting.  If you’re an athlete born after August 31stin your birth year it is in your best interest to play in the grade below.  (i.e. if you are born after August 31stand in finishing Grade 8 you should play on the grade 7 team)