Evolve Elite Hockey will be rostering Elite and AAA spring hockey teams in 2019

The 2008 age group is deep in both talent and character. The concept of the program is to provide a Hockey Spring Program that will not conflict with current OLA and Evolve lacrosse scheduling.

We understand the importance of continuing development in hockey but want to create a model that is not so labor and time intensive that players are forced to give up their chosen summer sport(s).

To ensure we have taken the proper steps with the selection process Evolve has already hired qualified hockey coaches and instructors. Our hockey coaches, no different than our lacrosse coaches, are widely recognized as leaders and accomplished athletes/coaches in the hockey world! They will provide the instruction and guidance it takes to raise the level of each athlete’s game

The hockey and lacrosse staff have collaborated and have Identified your Hockey/Lacrosse athlete as a first ballot invite. As mentioned it is our intention to create a model that does not conflict with summer sports in particular lacrosse. We will be inviting other hockey athletes who play other sports should you not accept!!


1.Commitment to Hockey Development in addition to general Sport Development
2. Our elite hockey program goals are to ensure tactical and technical development occurs in a challenging yet fun environment; Development + Hard work = Success
3.Providing players with the tools needed to maximize their potential

Program schedule

The schedule will consist of 2 tournaments in the Greater Toronto Area

Tournament Dates

May 10-12 - Bauer Pro Hockey Spring Shoutout

June 7-9 - North American Spring Showcase

In addition to the two tournaments we will include 4 ice training sessions. Training sessions will be held in the Durham region and/or the GTA.

Practice dates- WILL BE DETERMINED

Players will receive a team uniform (game jerseys, pant shell, socks) team hoodie and hat.

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